Rookie of the Year Award

Congratulations to Our 2022 Rookie of the Year Award Winner, Sarah Abood!


The Rookie of the Year Award is an honor bestowed to a new member in her first year of active membership who has been an inspiration and mentor to the rest of the Provisional class. She is involved in other Junior League of Akron projects or fundraisers, has demonstrated the willingness to take on other projects or tasks, and is considered consistently dependable.


Past Recipients:
2004 Janis Worley
2005 Carlann Spring
2006 Carmina Aldana
2007 Jennifer Towell
2008 Jennie Highfield
2009 Jenna Lehmann
2010 Emily Ochsenhirt Fernandez
2011 Lisa Knapp
2012 Amanda Quan
2013 Chris Dunlop
2014 Jacqui Ricchiuti
2015 Selena Myers
2016 Erin Thompson
2017 Erin Misanko
2018 Genevieve Bohnak
2019 Katherine Bercik
2020 Rachel Gilliams
2021 Megan Houk