President’s Award

Congratulations to Our 2022 President’s Award Winner, Karen Cheung!


The President’s Award is a highly prestigious award given to a member who has not only shown outstanding commitment to the League and to the community but has also demonstrated a willingness to assume responsibility and take leadership in these roles. This member has and continues to be a positive influence on others, as she is both an exemplary volunteer, role model for members and a leader in the league.

Past Recipients:
1988 Susan Weiss
1989 Bonnie Childs
1990 Polly Davis
1991 Cathy Nasca
1992 Nancy Reymann
1993 Lisa Engle
1994 Beth Amer
1995 Debbie Prinz
1996 Marguerite Tremelin
1997 Janice Raynor
1998 Kris Wagner
1999 Suzanne B. Locke
2000 Paula Rogerson
2001 Kathy Lane
2002 Laura Comstock
2003 Debby Eisinger
2004 Katie George
2005 Jackie Donenwirth
2006 Barbara Crouse Babbitt
2007 Nikki Moshier
2008 Elizabeth Sheeler
2009 Jennifer Towell
2010 Stefani Carlson
2011 Jeana Singleton
2012 Cindy Retterer
2013 Andrea Wlaszyn
2014 Emily Fernandez
2015 Jacquie Tinnemeyer
2016 Julie Miller
2017 Denise Bracken
2018 Becca Davidson Hobbs
2019 Selena Myers & Erin Whitmore
2020 Erin Thompson
2021 Jessica Foster